Lambda F Pipe Polymer – Powered by Favuseal™

Lambda F Pipe Polymer is an insulation system that provides fire protection for piping, also marketed as Favuseal Wrap-On:Pipe.

The Lambda F Pipe Polymer is fully tested to meet the strictest on- and offshore specifications for oil and gas installations. This system is built up by insulation material enclosed by stainless steel (AISI 316). The pieces are fastened with Stainless Steel Banding or Pop Rivets. The Lambda F Pipe Polymer can be equipped with a drain plug as required for top side installations per NORSOK standard.

The system has been tested successfully for jet fire with a heat load up to 350kW/m² (1350°C), and explosion tested to 1.2 bar.

Polymer Based Jetfire Protection

Favuseal is a Polymer based passive fire protection material, which is halogen-free and does not generate corrosive or toxic gases in a fire. The Polymer material can be combined with Favuseal X3M Aeorogel technology if additional thermal protection is required. The solustion is ultra-slim, building from as little as 6mm to provide 15 minutes protection.

The Bilfinger Lamba F Pipe Polymer with Favuseal has been extensively tested.

Design and Test results

Lambda F Pipe Polymer with Favuseal is easy to install, and is removable to allow for inspection and maintenance, with minimal use of tools. The stainless steel exterior is maintenance free, and the pipe inside is wrapped with Favuseal NKX-6174. In case of a fire, the Favuseal material reacts endothermically from 170°C, releasing trapped vapour in the polymer, consuming energy to protect the object. In a second reaction at around 700°C the material forms a ceramic compound providing a fire and thermal barrier. The Favuseal material is Hydrophobic, thus providing protection against corrosion under insulation.

The Bilfinger Lambda F Pipe Polymer with Favuseal has been tested with drain plug and inspection hatch meeting industry best practice design. The Lambda F Pipe Polymer has been tested and certified with a range of masses and dimensions, allowing interpolation to ensure optimal protection for each object.


Completed Tests Results Test Standard Test Institute Certification
Hydrocarbon fire - ability to withstand constant 1200°C Up to 150 minutes IMO 2010 FTP Code Part 3 RISE Fire Research AS (Sintef) DNV GL
Jetfire - 250kW/m² - equivalent to 0.3kg Propane / second Over 60 minutes ISO 22899-Part 1 RISE Fire Research AS (Sintef)& Efectis DNV GL
Jetfire - 350kW/m² - ability to withstand 1350°C jetfire Up to 47 minutes Extended OTI
95 634
RISE Fire Research AS (Sintef) Testreport
Explosion Tests Up to 1.2 bar Explosion Tests Gexcon AS Testreport
MS Test - test resistance to mechanical stress Passed Internal Internal N/A
Life Cycle Tests Passed 15 Years actual exposure Norner Testreport


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