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StS gruppen has acquired Bilfinger's Lambda products; Jackets, PPS (Pipe Penetration Seal) and Boltcare.

The acquisition means that StS has taken over the employees, production equipment, trademarks, patents and certificates. The business is located in Bergen.


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Lambda 'F' is a range of tailor-made insulation systems designed and documented to be used as passive fire protection in high risk environment such as oil & gas industry, nuclear power plants and process industry.

The Lambda 'F' products have been tested and certified to withstand hydrocarbon and jet fire with heat load ranging from 250kW/m² to 350kW/m² (IMO 2010 FTP Code Part 3, ISO 22899-Part 1 and Extended OTI 95634).

The 'F' product range is made with high-performing materials, including:

  • Polymer-based insulation material, powered by Favuseal™
  • Intumescent epoxy-based material: carboline pyroclad X1
  • Traditional insulation materials
  • Flexible Jackets and Rigid, Stainless Steel Boxes

The Bilfinger Lambda 'F' jet fire products are completely maintenance-free, which reduces the overall total operation cost compared with other products on the market.

The Lambda 'F' – Polymer solution is ultra-slim, with 350kW/m2 Jetfire boxes requiring only 20mm space around the object to be protected. There is no need for additional room for expansion. The ultra-slim design is also featured in the Bilfinger Lambda 'F' Pipe Polymer product, which is an innovative solution for fire protecting piping, building as little as 6mm. The solutions have been tested and certified by DNV-GL.

The products have been developed to meet the rigorous requirements in the Norwegian oil & gas industry (NORSOK Standard) and are highly recognized among professional engineers as “state of the art” insulation systems. Each product is tailor-made and pre-fabricated to fit the exact valve, flange, pipe or equipment to be protected against hydrocarbon fires.

Find more information about our insulation system:

In addition to meeting functional requirements, all products are designed for quick and easy removal and re-installation with a minimum use of personnel and tooling.



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