We Make Acoustic Insulation Work

The Lambda A sound reduction system is designed to provide noise-protection to an area, and can be delivered as an acoustic curtains and installation system, as well as acoustic cassettes fitted on a scaffolding frame.

Lambda A - Acoustic insulation can also be delivered as flexible jackets and boxes for valves, flanges, pipes, pumps or other equipment to reduce noise to an acceptable level in a process environment.

The reduction effect for the sound curtain is up to 20 dB in high frequency environment, and has been tested and approved according to NORSOK classes 6 and 7. Acoustic tests have also been carried out to C1 for both boxes and jackets at Peutz Laboratories, including combination classes (e.g. thermal and acoustic, fire and acoustic).

We have tested and documented acoustic insulation to C1 of piping with 40mm Aerogel and Acoustic barrier – the slimmest solution tested.


StS gruppen has acquired Bilfinger's Lambda products; Jackets, PPS (Pipe Penetration Seal) and Boltcare.

The acquisition means that StS has taken over the employees, production equipment, trademarks, patents and certificates. The business is located in Bergen.


Visit StS gruppen official website: www.stsgruppen.com

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