Bilfinger Habitat

Bilfinger Industrier has developed a unique, over pressurized welding habitat solution which enables execution of hot work during normal process plant operations whilst avoiding a shut-down of the process system. The overpressurized habitat solution prevents gas penetration into the area and represents a barrier for ignition sources from hot work activities inside the habitat. The solution has been patented and Bilfinger provides services from planning and design to adapt the habitat to the site as well as construction and operation of the habitat.


The control unit of Bilfinger Industrier's habitat solution is portable. Activities like cold cutting, grinding, pinning and welding can driven by compressed air as the habitat system is battery driven without 230V electricity connection.

Cost and schedule efficiencies

The habitat system provided by Bilfinger is a highly competitive solution with regards to erection and assembly as well as operation and maintenance. The 24V battery package secures additional power supply to keep the habitat in continuous operation.

With a 230V habitat system, on the other hand,  frequent power failures causes downtime and inefficient operations. The Bilfinger 24V battery package reduces such inefficiencies considerably and saves time and cost.

Reduced manning requirement

Habitat operations usually require mobilization of a dedicated fire guard at the control unit inside the habitat. For the Bilfinger habitat solution, a dedicated fire guard is not required since the 24V control unit can be placed outside the habitat. Depending on the size of the habitat and number of simultaneous activities inside the habitat, the resource requirement is reduced by up to 50%.


The Bilfinger habitat system has been designed to optimize transportation, assembly and operations. The optimized system lay-out and design still meets both NORSOK and customer specifications.

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