Technical Cleaning

Bilfinger Industrier Norge AS have long term agreements with our Clients on more than 30 installations on the NCS and we have indepth knowledge of our Customers operational requirements and systems. We have continuous operations ongoing offshore on an annual basis and have personnel resources, tools, materials and equipment mobilized at the worksites at all times. Bilfinger also have state of the art systems, standards and procedures within technical and industrial cleaning services to handle risk and ensure the highest level of safety in our operations.

We carry out regular health examinations related to the work and implement selective health surveillance of personnel that are exposed to hazardous substances like Benzen, Mercury, H2S and LRA. Our personnel resources within industrial cleaning have the necessary competencies and training and follow required vaccination programs.

High Pressure Water Jetting (HP) / Ultra High Pressure Cleaning (UHP)

High pressure water jetting up to 2500 BAR is used to pretreat and clean areas to the required specifications. Water jetting represents environmentally friendly pretreatment solutions used on offshore installations and some onshore facilities. Only qualified personnel with the required certification will be utilized for such operations.

Other Services:

  • Chemical cleaning with "green" chemicals
  • Cleaning with alcaline detergents
  • Opening clogged sanitary pipes
  • Opening clogged flow lines
  • Bolt tensioning
  • Cleaning of
    • Closed and open drains
    • Diesel tanks
    • Potable water tanks
    • Hydrosyclones
    • Mud tanks
    • Process equipment
    • Cooling tanks
    • Oil coolers
    • Oil sump tanks


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