Asbestos Management

Bilfinger Industrier Norge can assist customers in the identification of their needs and provide customized tailored services to their organisation. Our management and supervisory teams are able to create asbestos abatement packages for any situation. With a dedicated mobile, equipped and trained workforce we can guarantee immediate, safe and cost-effective solutions to your asbestos problems. 


Bilfinger Norway is able to offer a full asbestos surveying service both onshore and offshore. To assist clients to comply with current legislation and requirements, we can carry out surveys to identify the likely locations of asbestos within their premises. Once an investigation has been undertaken, we will provide detailed advice and costing for the safe removal. We can also carry out annual reinspections.


If decontamination or removal is necessary, we offer a quality, integrated service with a dedicated professional team. Our delivery includes access, scaffolding and encapsulation.

Removal is not necessarily the only option available and we provide an encapsulation and labelling service. This ensures that the remaining asbestos is safely secured and identified.

Project Management/Engineering

Bilfinger Industrier Norge has dedicated project management and engineering personnel for planning and execution of any demanding project concerning asbestos management.

Quality and Accreditation

Bilfinger Industrier Norge is accredited to ISO 9001 Quality, OHSAS 18001 Health and Safety and ISO 14001 Environmental Management Systems.

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