Lambda F Flex Jacket

Lambda F Flex Jacket is a flexible system designed to protect vessels, pipelines, valves, flanges, actuators, control lines and boxes. It is fully tested to meet the most rigorous on- and offshore specifications for oil and gas installations.

Our Fire Jacket system is built up with a core of insulation material and stainless steel foil, enclosed by a custom-built silicone fabric. The pieces are fastened with Velcro in the overlap and the system is secured with stainless steel bands, ensuring the integrity of the insulation properties.

The system has been successfully tested for blast overpressure at 1.2 bar, as well as pool fire with a heat load of 200 kW/m² and jet fire with heat load up to 350 kW/m² (1350°C).

Most of the installations on the NCS have our Fire Jackets as part of their topside PFP system. We have also made deliveries to international projects like Kashagan (Kazakhstan), South Pars (Iran), Inpex Ichtys (Australia), Shah Deniz 2 (Azerbaijan) and Nuclear Power Plants in Scandinavia. 

Fabrics used in all our flexible jacket systems have been tested for weather resistance in cooperation with DNV GL, and can also be equipped with a drain plug as required for top-side installations according to the NORSOK Standard. All seams are sewn with Kevlar reinforced stainless steel thread and sealed with silicone to avoid water ingress.

In addition to meeting functional requirements, all Lambda products are designed for quick and easy removal and re-installation with a minimum use of personnel and tooling.

Design and Test results

The Bilfinger Lambda F Flex Jacket has been extensively tested at independent laboratories. The following tests have been carried out:

  • Hydrocarbon fire to IMO Res. A.754(18), ISO 834-Part 3 / NS-EN 1363 Part 2
  • Jet-fire 250 kW/m2 to OTI 95 634, as well as
  • Jet-fire 350 kW/m2 to Extended OTI 95 634
  • Explosion tests have been conducted by Gexcon, The system has been successfully tested for blast overpressure at 1200 millibar (1.2 bar)
  • Acoustic testing according to C1 according to ISO 15665:2003
  • Weatherproofing test has been completed to 3x105 PA, according to Norsok R-004 and IACS UR S.14.2.3

The standard Jacket is produced with two layers of silicone cloth, insulated with 8-15mm Microtherm, with a layer of stainless steel foil to provide protection against jet-fire erosion. The Heavy Duty (HD) Jacket has a similar design, with 30mm Microtherm insulation.

The Lambda F Flex Jackets are installed with a Velcro fastening strip, and tightly secured by steel bands. The steel bands are fitted through a fabric sleeves to protect the jacket fabric from damage.


StS gruppen has acquired Bilfinger's Lambda products; Jackets, PPS (Pipe Penetration Seal) and Boltcare.

The acquisition means that StS has taken over the employees, production equipment, trademarks, patents and certificates. The business is located in Bergen.


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Completed Tests Results Test Standard Test Institute  Certification
Hydrocarbon fire - ability to withstand constant 1200°C Up to 120 minutes IMO Res. A.754(18) RISE Fire Research AS (Sintef) Testreport
Jetfire - 250kW/m² - equivalent to 0.3kg Propane / second Up to 120 minutes OTI 95 634 RISE Fire Research AS (Sintef) Testreport
Jetfire - 350kW/m² - ability to withstand 1350°C jetfire Up to 60 minutes Extended OTI
95 634
RISE Fire Research AS (Sintef) Testreport
Explosion Tests Up to 1.2 bar Explosion Tests Gexcon AS Testreport
Weatherproofing Test Passed Norsok R-004 and IACS UR Internal Testreport (DNV GL)






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