PRESS RELEASE - Bilfinger Industrier secures long term frame agreement related to Hammerfest LNG

March 18, 2016


Bilfinger Industrier Norge AS has been awarded a frame agreement by Statoil for insulation, scaffolding and surface treatment services at the Hammerfest LNG plant at Melkøya outside Hammerfest. The contract has a 10 year duration, until 2026.


Bilfinger is currently located in Hammerfest with offices, fabrication and storage facilities and has held the Contract with Statoil at Melkøya since the LNG facilities were new in 2006.


"We are very pleased that Statoil selects Bilfinger for ten new years in Hammerfest. The Contract secures long term employment for our people and gives a solid foundation for further development and growth in the North", Tove Tyberø says.


With this Contract, Bilfinger remains the largest ISP supplier with local presence in Northern Norway. We are planning to increase the manning and initially the Contract means 5-10 new positions in Hammerfest within our trades. The Contract currently engages 50 people within our organization, and 80% are employed locally in Hammerfest.


"Local presence is important to Bilfinger. We look forward to continuing the close cooperation that has been established with Statoil over the years to realize essential improvements during challenging times for the industry", Tove Tyberø adds.


In order to realize efficiency improvements, close interaction with the customer's operations at site is necessary. In a harsh, arctic environment, local leadership and competence is a key to securing safe and efficient operations at all times.

Tove Helen Tyberø, CEO
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